Threefold Architects


  • A home for Airbnb

New UK headquarters for Airbnb, located in a former warehouse in Clerkenwell, London to provide an office and events space for their London team.

Airbnb are keen that each of their spaces around the world reflect the character and culture of the location. In response to this and in embracing the organisations “belong anywhere” ethos, Threefold conceived of a community of varied workspaces structured around the idea of a village.

The design distilled the key elements of the typical English settlement examining the individual spatial qualities and physical characteristics of each and expressing them in architectonic interventions throughout the space - The Farmhouse kitchen, The Village Green, The Pavilion, The Library, and The Market Square.

Creating a truly agile workspace with no fixed desks, each of these elements provides a different kind of work environment for the team to inhabit throughout the day depending on time, mood, task, or whim.

The project has been a great success for the client and Threefold Architects have just been commissioned to design a new office space for the growing UK team. Threefold have hosted events in the space for both Clerkenwell Design Week and the London Festival of Architecture. 

Client: Airbnb 

Type: Commercial

Area: 8350 sqft

Status: Completed

Location: East London

Photographs by Charles Hosea