Threefold Architects


  • A smart campus for the future

Threefold recently won an invited competition to design a visitor centre for a smart campus, which sits as part of a wider masterplan. The dramatic circular plan form of the building with its clear glazed perimeter will create a series of highly flexible, luminous spaces that will be inextricably linked to the new landscape and evolving smart campus that will grow up around it.

The flexible nature of the circular plan and the absence of internal structural walls means that the building is inherently flexible and able to be readily adapted for a wide range of future uses. The strategic location of building at the entrance to the wider site and adjacent to the new rail link make it an obvious candidate to become a flexible co-working, cafe, meeting and events space for both visitors and businesses on site.

The concept for the design of the landscape is to bring together the varied landscapes of the wider masterplan in a microcosm around the marketing suite. The differing landscape treatments would be arranged in radial segments that spring from the very centre of the building and are then cut across and broken up by a combination of key axial pathways that will link to the future campus site and more meandering ‘orbital’ routes that run around the building.

Client: Private

Type: Commercial

Status: Concept Design

Location: Bristol