Threefold Architects


  • A co-living co-mmunity

A proposal for a new community fostered by an architecture that encourages and facilitates crossover, collaboration and co-operation. 

The challenging site is hemmed in by buildings on all sides, a condition which gave rise to an inward looking development with a courtyard at it’s heart. The architectural character of the context is generally uninspiring but the language of flank walls and pitched roofs of the surrounding buildings has informed our approach to the form. The offset gable roof profile breaks down the buildings massing from key public viewpoints, allowing the proposal to sit comfortably within its context whilst reaching upwards and outwards to optimise the development within the rights of light envelope. 

42 studio units wrap the central atrium courtyard over 3 floors, each a tall thin volume with an elevated sleeping space at mezzanine level separate from the living space and bathroom, providing a voluminous top lit double height space. The small footprint of the studios enabled a densification of the site along its eastern boundary maximising the developable volume within the right to light envelope.

The private studios are accessed via deep walkways which double as external threshold spaces or internal front gardens.  The top lit central atrium contains communal circulation, and shared kitchen, working and living spaces, with a public co-working and cafe at ground floor.

The scheme caters for contemporary urbanites seeking a high quality living spaces with access to shared amenities. It creates a welcoming environment encouraging crossover and social interaction where the benefits of living and working together re shared whilst also having the ability to enjoy their own private space. 

Project Data

Client: Confidential

Type: Mix-Use 

Area: 29,751 sqft

Status: Concept Design

Location: East London