Threefold Architects


  • The Stoa and the Fora

Threefold have completed a third workspace for Airbnb's expanding team in Clerkenwell across an entire floor of the building. The brief was developed in response to a thorough use analysis of the current offices which defined a space programme to complement their use and function. Rather than roll out the same design a different approach was taken to give the space an individual character.

Inspired by the Renaissance painting by Antonella da Messina of St Jerome in his Study where the studious protagonist is seated at a desk, which is both furniture and architecture, set within a voluminous space of connected rooms. The design places a cloistered Stoa around the core connecting three Fora, each of which are separated by rooms articulated as furniture within the wider space. The Fora are flexible work clusters which provide workstations, break out seating, individual duck ins and private meeting spaces. The Stoa connects these spaces together and defines access to the larger meeting rooms. Echoing the function of its classical namesake this cloistered space provides a sense of enclosure and a place for retreat, containing lockers, work benches, and booths for private calls.

Adding to the existing offices Threefold have created another agile activity based workspace which creates a wide range of different spatial conditions for working to suit mood, task and personality. Enabled by technology the team have no fixed desks and are able to move around the office and find the right spot for their particular need. In support of this each of the Fora have been allocated different working culture from the quiet area where calls and talking are banned up to the vibrant noisy zone adjacent to the snack station where music is played and chatter encouraged.

Client: Airbnb

Type: Workspace

Area: 6,500 sqft

Status: Complete

Location: Clerkenwell, London