Threefold Architects

  • Pursuit of Happiness: Co-live & Co-work

We are working with POHA House to design and deliver their co-working and co-living projects throughout Europe. Combining our experience in designing homes and workplaces, we have produced a best practice design guide which sets out a progressive Co-Living and Co-Working product and responds to POHA’s mission to create flexible & healthy spaces to live, work and come together under one roof.

The guide sets out parameters for clever compact homes and generous amenity spaces which encourage collaboration, health and wellbeing. It also outlines POHA’s commitment to circularity and sustainability, specifying healthy natural and recycled materials, integrated biophilic design, low energy lighting, and efficient heating and cooling systems.

The design guides provide a comprehensive overview of individual living and working spaces, amenities, and shared facilities on a space-by-space basis to accommodate a variety of users across a wide range of locations. We have designed a clear framework and identified the key components from which individual schemes can be designed, with clear spatial parameters and a technical summary which come together to define the POHA House and POHA Office brand.

Putting the design guide into practice, we are currently working towards the delivery of POHA Dusseldorf, a 6600m2 building which will provide 172 co-living units and 500m2 of community amenity. We have designed an inclusive and welcoming entrance offering a shared lounge & event space, individual studio spaces, co-working area, flexible meeting spaces and a café. The upper levels are a mix of 1,2 & 3 bed co-live units, all with their own bathrooms and access to shared upper floor amenities including a gym, media rooms, laundries and roof top terrace and event space. 

Client: POHA House

Type: Residential & Commercial

Area: 6660m2

Status: In Progress

Location: Europe