Threefold Architects


  • (med)24

Threefold have completed the new flagship clinic for (med)24 in Central London. Providing medical care which offers a holistic, flexible approach to day-to-day health and wellbeing. The clinic has been designed to create a building that embodies wellness through both the physical journey and the experience of a series of spaces that are human centred, calming and uplifting to inhabit. Taking inspiration from a wealth of evidence-based research which supports the positive impact of a well-designed environment on patient outcomes.  

The brief for this project was, first and foremost, to create an environment conducive to good health, thus making the clinical experience an enjoyable, calm and overwhelmingly positive encounter. The aim was to ensure seamless end to end experiences throughout the building, with a strong emphasis on hospitality and patient-led experience. Thinking about how each space, each interaction and each step of a person’s journey could be designed to make one feel better. This has resulted in a building that is more akin to a spar or club, that is comfortable and spacious, full of natural light, natural materials, planting and high quality lighting, acoustics and fresh air services. This experience is enhanced by carefully choreographed interaction with staff where one is guided through each step of their consultation, with spaces to decompress and relax along the way.

There are three degrees of privacy within the patient pathway which have defined the layout of the spaces, the members lounge immediately at the entrance, is the most public space where the guests are received and seated. A central circulation route which is punctuated along its length by rotunda with seating at each centre for patients to wait between consultations. The most private spaces are the consultation and treatment rooms accessed from the rotunda along the northern elevation of the clinic with glazing onto the planted lightwell. Legibility of the design and simple wayfinding were crucial in enabling members to navigate the spaces with ease.

A restrained palette of natural materials which use light and texture to articulate surface and form have been used, accented with brass and wood, the largely neutral palette gives the spaces a calming atmosphere. Planting as a visual amenity and air-purifier has proven benefits in healthcare environments and features throughout the scheme. Delicate brass framed hanging planters and terrariums in the non-clinical spaces combine with the external planting within lightwell and along the glazed elevation which soften the external views from within the clinic.  

Client: (med)24

Type: Commercial

Area: 9795 sq ft

Status: Completed

Location: Central London